woman Elizabeth ADAMS‏‎
Born ‎1803, died ‎1868‎, 64 or 65 years, cause of death: WRAY, Elizabeth

Married ‎1840 (27 or 28 years married) to:

man Rev. William McClintock WRAY‏‎, son of John WRAY and Rose McCLINTOCK‏.
Born ‎1790, died ‎1868‎, 77 or 78 years, cause of death: WRAY, William McClintock


man William John Adams WRAY‏
Born ‎8 May 1841 Co. Antrim, Ireland, died ‎8 Oct 1915 Rockfield, Castlefin, Ireland‎, 74 years, cause of death: WRAY, William John A.
The activities of W. J. A. Wray are summarized in an undated memorial given in an undated clipping from an unidentified Irish paper, copy of which follows:

Prominent Donegal Man Dead
Widespread regret 'was felt throughout the entire county of Donegal and the counties of Derry and Tyrone when the news became known that Mr. W. J. A. Wray, J.P., of Rockfeld, Castlefin, had passed away. Deceased was an extensive farmer in the district. He was a Justice of the Peace for County Donegal, and up till a few years ago was chairman of the Strabane No. 2 Rural District Council. Deceased also was a member of the Donegal County Council, and served on numerous other Boards for his native country."
He died 8 October 1915 and was buried in Donaghmore Presbyterian Churchyard, near Castlefin. Among the mementoes of him are three letters written to his son, John Wray, his cane, and a badge for the Ulster Unionist Convention held in 1892.

Last Will
William John Adams Wray of Carnone in the county, of Donegal do hereby make this my last Will and testament this first day of August one thousand nine hundred and seven. I appoint John Patrick of Dunaird Broughshane in the Coy of Antrim and William McComb of Artigarvan in the County of Tyrone executors and Trustees of this my will. I LEAVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH to my son James Stewart Wray my two farms in Carnone and my farm in Doohen together with the stock crop and farm implements thereon subject to the payment of Fifty Pounds to my son John Wray now in America, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Martha H. Hobson, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Jane H. Roulstone, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Elizabeth A. Holmes, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Annie Brent, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Mary A Patrick, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Kathleen McComb, and of Fifty Pounds to my daughter Ethel Wray, all the above sums are to be paid free of legacy duty and within one year of my decease. In case my daughter Ethel shall not be married before my decease I direct that she shall have a charge on said farms for her lodging food and clothes in a manner befitting her station of Life until she marries I bequeath to my daughter Ethel Wray the money and interest thereon (if any) I have in the Northern Banking Coy and all moneys due me on promissory notes and for cash lent.
AS WITNESS my hand the day and year aforesaid
----------------------- William John Adams Wray -------------------------------------
SIGNED by the said William John Adams Wray as and for his last Will and testament in our presence at the same time who in his presence at his request and in presence of each other all three present at the same time have hereunto put our name as witnesses,
Henry T. Gallagher, Solr., Strabane.
James Kennedy, Law Clerk, Strabane.

Wray History, by O.R. Wray, 1980